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Best Toilet 2017
Fellow book lovers wanted!

All book lovers in the community will be meeting at city hall at the end of next month.
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Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Heater
You may be pleased with the designed compact bathroom exhaust fan you have at your bathroom. Bathroom exhaust fans with heater, advanced models are now at deal! This gathers the moisture, throws out and at same time keeps the room warm and free of dampness.
Many dealers are out at online sites where you could find yourself the best piece for your bathroom at affordable rates. Compact small sized models to those which suit huge rooms are available.
Few models of bathroom exhaust fans with heater are given below. Have a look!
Broan 658 Bathroom Fan with Heater
Broan, the leading store of bathroom exhaust fans got exquisite models of exhaust fans coupled with light and with heaters, also combo models. This model got a very powerful cooling system at the same time got heater to be used by switching on. Easy to install on the ceiling.
Nutone 9093WH Bathroom Fan with Heater/light
Very soothing heater which works along with the cooling effect of the fan. Takes away the complete moisture inside the room. It is made of well-polished brass and chrome framework. The light at the center is enclosed by the frame, gives a striking look and makes it more convenient to use even at night. The only seen color is white.
Broan 655 Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater
Silent Broan 655 exhaust fan is designed with stylish and firm polymeric grille which goes along with any interior decor. It is easy to operate fan cum heater and it works separate without interfering into other. A low voltage bulb can be inserted for convenience. Why low voltage even can be fixed with a 100 watt bulb and works on the three function control system. The high power fan does not produce any sound and it function with the help of an independent lubricated motor. 
Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater Australian Approved
There are varied models of bathroom exhaust fan with heater Australian approved. Models with 2 or 4 lamp with installed heater, the 3-in-1 model, can be easily installed to the ceiling. You could choose your color from the list; Matt silver, Matt chrome, and shades of white. Thanks for visiting our blog! Do check with us for any details of the above
Bathroom Faucets
If you are looking for highly rated bathroom faucets review then you are at the right place.  Keep reading to find all your detailed answers.
While some people fail to take this aspect into account, choosing the right kind of bathroom faucets can make such a considerable difference for your bathroom. No matter how nicely decorated your home bathroom is, if you don’t choose the right kind of faucet, it can reflect on the overall feel of the bathroom.
Whether you are looking for faucets for bathroom sinks, shower faucets, or for your bathroom vanities, there are a lot of options out there that would best suit your needs and preferences. With the number of top faucet brands out there, it can often be challenging to choose which one is the best. If you are at a loss as to what kind of faucet to get for your bathroom, then you may want to consider the following:
Quick Buyers Guide to Bathroom Faucets
I know when we went shopping for bathroom sink faucets we first tried to find a model that we liked.  Once we found a couple of styles to our liking then we made sure they had the finish we liked. In our tub and shower area we selected brushed nickel and for that matter we chose brushed nickel finish in our kitchen, kitchen faucets, and light fixtures. Basically our entire home is brushed nickel except our interior door knobs because our contractor screwed up and he wasn’t about to give us a break.
Just remember if you have bathroom vanities clawfoot tubs you will either want to match the clawfoot finish of faucets in the bathroom or match the color of the tub.  A medicine cabinet will require pull knobs or handles so it is best to look for same finish as your tub and shower faucets.
Now that we had the finish and style picked out, our next area of concern was finding sinks under $100 as well as faucets under $100 because of our budget.  Since we fell in love with Kohler faucets we quickly found out that our price range wasn’t going to fit these particular faucets unless we wanted to scrimp in the kitchen.  Our plumber told us to take a look at Pro Flo because it is made by Kohler.  We found a lot of products that looked very similar to the Kohler product line and we did end up purchasing these fixtures.
We did a lot of research on the net to find the discount bathroom faucets, or cheap bathroom faucets and discount bathroom fixtures, but in the end the cheap bathroom faucets we picked had a lot to do with our plumber.  He kind of nailed us into a corner and told us flat out if we didn’t purchase our ProFlo and Kohler bathroom faucets and fixtures through him he would not guarantee his work and he would be working for an hourly wage instead. 
However, we did manage to get him to install the cheapest bathroom faucets you can find on the planet.  We found it at Home Depot and it was a Price Pfister bathroom faucet and we paid 1 penny for it.  They have some weird system where they keep marking down and the salesman told us to take it up front and see what the price was because he thought it was marked completely down.  And he was correct, so the moral of this story is don’t be afraid to look in the sales bin you can find $200 bathroom faucets for cheap.
Antique Brass Bathroom Fixtures
Blue And Green Striped Shower Curtains Can Liven Up Any Bathroom
Looking for blue and green striped shower curtains to match with your bathrooms décor? Blue and green striped shower curtains are a popular color combination. The online marekt is a fantastic place to buy for all kinds of home, bathroom accessories and shower curtains at affordable prices. Whether you are after country fabric shower curtains or something more contemporary, online stores like those listed here should be able to help. Have a look at the good shower curtains available and enjoy browsing from the comfort of your home. As well as blue and green striped shower curtains, there are loads of other brilliant designs to choose from these days. For a country style look, fine out some Sturbridge plaid shower curtains or some Waverly toile ones. Gingham is another favorite option. If you like the idea of little images then checks out some nautical shower curtain designs, with sailboats on. Or for a Southwestern themed home bathroom Kokopelli shower curtains could be just what you are looking for. Have fun browsing the wide range of different patterns out there. If blue and green striped shower curtains are not really what you are after, then you can find some inspiration from the selection of stores on the internet. How about a denim shower curtain? Or if you like animals there are loads of different animal shower curtains to choose from, including dolphin and bear designs. If you have kids you may want to opt for a fun duck shower curtain. It is down to your personal preferences and the color scheme in your bathroom, but these online stores should give you some ideas.
shower curtin

Brookstone Towel Warmer

The best way to keep yourself warm when getting out of a bath or shower is to put on your favorite robe or bath towel just after you have taken it out of the Brookstone towel warmer. Anything you need can easily be warmed in the Brookstone Towel Warmer.
Warm your blankets and sheets to stay warm when you don’t feel well, or you can always stay comfortable in a warm robe after jumping out of the shower.

Automatic shutoff: Great safety feature With safety features such as automatic shutoff, this towel warmer is also safe to have in your household and you never have to worry about forgetting turn off the warmer when in a rush.
The possibilities of what you can warm in this little thing are limitless and will always keep you warm and comfortable all year long. This towel warmer features a silicone heating element that warms anything evenly. Feel like you are at the spa every day and pamper the ones you love with a towel warmer that will be used on more than just special occasions.
Brookstone Towel Warmer Reviews
With an overall user rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars users seem to be pleasantly pleased with their choice of towel warmer. The most talked and loved feature is that the Brookstone, unlike others, holds and completely encases towels or robes instead of just hanging them on a wall like most others.
Even the biggest beach towels fit in this warmer Many reviewers said that if you want a towel that is warmed to where it feels like it has just come out of the drier, this is the warmer you need. Users said that even the biggest beach towels fit in this warmer with no problems and are evenly warmed through and through.
Versatile: Not just for towels Users have also said that they not only use this convenient little warmer for towels, but frequently use it for clothes on cold mornings, blankets, and many other things they want to take the chill off of. Many users said while they originally bought the container for towels, they had no idea that they would use it for so much more, and many use it several times a day.
The automatic shut off was talked about often as a must have safety feature just in case you forget and leave your Brookstone towel warmer on, however; users were quick to say it was disappointing if it shut off and you weren’t expecting a cold towel.
As far as bad reviews are concerned there weren’t any, but users did complain of a strong plastic or silicone smell left on towels when first using the unit. To avoid this, users recommended that the warm cycle run a few times to kill that smell before placing any objects inside for warmth.
All in all, the Brookstone Towel Warmer is a great product and users seemed to be very pleased. If you want a product that does more than warm towels, then this is the product for you because the possibilities to what this can warm is ultimately endless as long as it can fit inside the bucket.
The best toilets are the ones that save water
Seen all over the world and emerging as a favorite in the US. Dual flush toilets are saving water and money everywhere. They are pretty much the standard in Europe and are Mandatory in Australia and Israel, dual flush toilets are the best toilets for saving water. These toilets are the leading the way in water saving toilets buy having two different flushes. A full flush 1.6 gallons for flush and a half flush 0.8 gallons per flush. This option lets the user the choice every time he or she goes.

What the is best flushing toilet?

I have received the question many times. Depends who you ask especially if they work for the many toilet manufacturers. In my mind the best flushing toilet for the home is of course a water saving toilet. I particularity favor any high efficiency toilet. They can save some serious water like over 10 thousand gallons of water per year. Now the rest is up to you. If you have a small space I would suggest a tank-fewer toilet which means the tank is installed into the wall. The tank-less toilet saves space by eliminating the tank. There is also the corner toilet if you are confined to a corner of the bathroom. This type of toilet has tank that is shaped on ninety degree angle so that it fits into the crevasse of your wall. If you are interested in the way a toilet flushes there a two major options there is the siphon and the gravity flush. The gravity flush uses the water's natural pressure to flush the waste. The siphon flushes works by using suction to suck the waste when the toilet is flushed. Siphon flush toilets are little bit louder than the gravity flush toilet. Hopefully this will help you to decide the best toilet.
flushing toilet
Toilet Troubleshooting
toilet troubleshooting

Most Common Reasons The Toilet Can Malfunction

Toilet Troubleshooting

1) Handle breaks (Trip Lever)

2) Chain comes loose or breaks

3) Float Ball sticks

4) Flush Valve (Toilet Flapper) is blocked from closing all the way or warped and needs to be replaced

WARNING: Before removing any parts from Toilet, shut off the water valve to the toilet and flush the toilet to drain any water from the tank. The valve is located below the tank close to the floor. 

How To Fix A Toilet


First check the toilet handle, sometimes they just become loose. Tighten if needed; if the handle is broken replace it.

1) Remove tank lid, disconnect the old handle arm from the chain.

2) Unscrew the wing nut that holds the tank lever to the back of the handle. Set it aside to be reinstalled with the new handle.

3) Insert the new handle and secure with wing nut.

4) Reconnect the handle arm to chain.

Chain comes loose or breaks

Take a look at the chain inside the toilet tank. It could be loose or broken, which means the stopper is stuck and won’t allow the toilet to flush. If loose just reattach, just make sure the chain is set to the right length to ensure the flapper opens and closes properly. If it’s broken, it can be replaced.