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Best Toilet 2017
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Are You Looking for best toilet & Bathroom accessories reviews&Guide
Are You Looking for best toilet in 2017 reviews&Guide
Creating a Luxurious Bathroom without Breaking the Bank
When you stay in a hotel, one of the perks that you can most likely enjoy is a toilet and bath that provides you with pampering which you would not usually experience every day. From the elegant interiors to the first-class toiletries, everything in that room spells relaxation and luxury.
As you soak your stressed body in a warm bath in the large tub, you might start to wonder how lovely it would be if you could treat yourself to the same conveniences and comforts in your own home.
After all, you spend several hours each day in that area of your house, right? So it should only be right to make sure you get to enjoy your time there.
As you keep on musing on the idea of revamping your bathing area, you start to hesitate because you realize that you just cannot afford to install a jacuzzi.
Yet, you do not really need to acquire such a fixture. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to have a more welcoming, rejuvenating, and comfortable bathroom scale.

One method is by placing towel radiators. This addition can give your toto toilet and bath a more ideal temperature and it can give you one of the best luxuries that you can experience after refreshing yourself warm towels!

Can you imagine how relaxing it can be to pat yourself dry with a fabric that is appealing to the touch after you step out of the shower when you get home from a stressful day at work?
Bringing in a couch that has soft cushions can also do wonders in transforming this part of your house into a haven. With this piece of furniture, you can have a comfortable seat to accommodate you while you paint your nails, brush your hair, or do other grooming essentials. You can place throw pillows that are made of fine and elegant fabrics to add a touch of posh.

Another trick is by placing a set of your favourite skincare and bathing products on your counter tops. You can also put them in baskets and set them beside the tub or your pampering area.
This will make them more accessible when you feel like you want to lather on some lotion or make a bubble bath.
One more tip is to distribute candles all over your bathing area. When you soak in your tub, you can turn off your lights and have a more romantic and cosy ambiances as you bathe in a softly illuminated spot.
You can even plug your music player to speakers and let relaxing tunes drift in the air as you close your eyes and just enjoy the moment.
Finally, you can place a silk robe and soft, cushioned slippers so that you can be warm and comfy as you put on your make-up or enjoy a foot spa.
Through these steps, your home can be more inviting and luxurious. After you provide these comforts for your dwelling, you just might not need to go to a hotel to rejuvenate and relax.
comfortable bathroom scale
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Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale
If you need best rated bathroom scale, check this item. It is also very good item. This weight scale has a original price of $55.00 but they are offering you special discount which ranges from 50-70 percent in Amazon. So hurry up and order your weight scale now. This is one of the highly rated scales having a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It has over 3,354 customer reviews. As it costs less and highly functional, customers are quite satisfied with this.
This weight scale is not only stylish but also functional. It can measure from 11lb up to 400lb (5kg-180kg) which is suitable for most of the people. 4 latest-version high-precision sensors have been used to ensure the accurate weight of your body. Having a better understanding of your weight has never been so easy. Weight reading will be shown as soon as you step on it, no wasting of time. It has a Backlit LCD display helps to see your reading clearly. This multi functional scale will automatically reset the rating and turn-off while it is idle. So you don’t have to worry about it. It will automatically inform you whether your scale is running out of battery or not. It will also inform you if it has been overloaded. 6mm thick tempered glass has been used for extra strength . Its large platform of 12 inch x 12 inch is user friendly and easy to stand on. Two measuring units are available for you. Measuring in lb or kg unit, its up to you. Etekcity will provide you 1-Year Warranty.


  • Latest-version high-precision sensors will give you fast and accurate reading in no time
  • No need to turn it on or off, just step on it to turn it on and it will automatically turn off when its idle
  • Its 12”x12” platform is easy to stand on
  • You have options to measure in lb or kg units
  • 1-Year Warranty is provided by Etekcity

  • Temper glass might break if its dropped from high surface.
  • It can only measure objects more than 11lb
Living a healthy life is now just a matter of choice. Using of this weight scale will help you to have a balance diet everyday and double your confidence. This will motivate you to stay in shape and live a healthy life.

Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale

Elongated Toilet Seats – Where to BUy the Best Elongated Toilet Seats

Looking for elongated toilet seats? If so – you have come to the right place. A few months ago I needed to buy one so I spent a few days reading about different brands and models and comparing prices online.
It was a hard work I am telling you because there is so many online stores out there that carry elongated toilet seats but it was well worth it. I found a website that not only offers elongated toilet seats at reasonable price but has great selection of makes and models and on top of that – great customer service. The website in question is
  • Wide variety of makes and models elongated toilet seats is the first thing one will notice at They represent all the major toilet seat manufacturers – American Standard, Bemis, CASE, Centoco, KOHLER and TOTO so you will be able to find something that you will like.
  • All elongated toilet seats are very reasonably priced. Truth to be told – you can lower prices on elongated toilet seats on the web but to me all these websites looked shady a little bit. I decided to pay slightly more but to have a peace of mind that somebody will be there for me when I need help with my toilet seat.
  • That’s why I chose – because of their great customer service. I have had bitter experience with online retailers and the past and I learnt my lesson. Before I bought my elongated toilet seat I shoot them an email with a general question. They replied in less than 2 hours and I decided that they are serious enough about their business.
In conclusion I want to say that if you need an elongated toilet seat there is no better place to buy it than online. There are many websites that offer hundreds of toilet seats but if you need a company that offers great price, wide variety of makes and models and at the same time great customer service then you needs to give a try.
blue toilet seat